The Kentucky girls who attended the Mobile Meet of Champions had a great day.
Highlights were Allison Sauer's win in the 3200 run and Rosalinds first place
in the Triple Jump, which qualified her for USATF Junior Nationals. Full
results for girls can be found at,

Ben Kittleson and Isaac Lafond also had a good day. Ben placed second in the
100, then came back and ran an awesome 200 in 21.32 which is reported to be
2nd in the nation this year. Isaac placed fifth in a super 9:21.27 in the
3200. The South Oldham distance crew all ran well including an 8:04 3200
Relay. Mark Rowe  finished 4th in the 1600 with a 4:25.  All results can be
found at,

Invitational Girls 800 Meter Run
3  Wagonsellar, Jordan          Ballard HS                2:17.03     
5  Geers, Holly                 South Oldham              2:19.90      

Invitational Girls 1,600 Meter Run                      
5  Nichols, Cara                BOWLING GREEN KY          5:19.32      

Invitational Girls 3,200 Meter Run      
1 Sauer, Ali                   South Oldham              11:08.93     

Invitational Girls 4x400 Meter Relay                     
5  BALL      Ballard HS                4:06.29               

Invitational Girls 4x800 Meter Relay                     
3  BALL      Ballard HS                 9:51.09              

Invitational Girls High Jump                         
2 Bowman, Kelly              BEREA COMMUNITY KY  5'06.00" * 1.68m    

Invitational Girls Long Jump                         
5 Goodwin, Rosalind          Ballard HS          17'11.00"    1.2  5.46m
7 Mondy, Denasha             Ballard HS          17'07.75"    NWI  5.38m

Invitational Girls Triple Jump                        
1 Goodwin, Rosalind          Ballard HS          38'09.25"   -0.6  11.82m
4 Mondy, Denasha             Ballard HS          36'11.25"   -2.9  11.26m