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2003 Senior Challenge at Cave Lake Nov 15, 2003

Senior Challenge Results (11/15)

2003 USA Track & Field Jr. Olympic Kentucky State Championship

USATF Jr. Olympic State Results (11/15)

2003 AAU Kentucky State Championship at Grant Co.

AAU State Results (11/09)


State Results (11/11)


Boys Composite Results (11/11)
Girls Composite Results (11/11)
Girls by Grade Results (11/11)
Boys by Grade Results (11/11)



Region 1 Class A Results (11/03)
Region 2 Class A Results (11/03)
Region 3 Class A Results (11/03)
Region 4 Class A Results (11/03)
Region 5 Class A Results (11/03)
Region 6 Class A Results (11/03)


Region 1 Class AA Results (11/03)
Region 2 Class AA Results (11/03)
Region 3 Class AA Results (11/03)
Region 4 Class AA Results (11/03)
Region 5 Class AA Results (11/03)
Region 6 Class AA Results (11/03)


Region 1 Class AAA Results (11/03)
Region 2 Class AAA Results (11/03)
Region 3 Class AAA Results (11/03)
Region 4 Class AAA Results (11/03)
Region 5 Class AAA Results (11/03)
Region 6 Class AAA Results (11/03)

2003 XC Performance RESULTS

A Performance List (11/03)
AAA Performance List (11/03)
AA Performance List (11/03)
Composite Performance List (11/03)
Regional Performance By Grade (11/06)


Daviess County Invitational
Dunbar Hokum Karem
Dayton Distance Devil Relays
Scott Practice Meet
Boyd County Mini
Barren County (8/28)
Pendelton County Inv. (REVISED)
St. X Tiger Run (REVISED)
Vastwood Inv.
AJ Special
Ashland Paul Blazer Tomcat Invite
Grant County Inv. (REVISED)
E. G. Plummer Inv.
Bell Co. Bobcat Inv.
Raider Run
Madisonville North Hopkins Inv.
Red Bird All Comers
Woodford County All Comers (9/9)
Somerset All Comers (9/9)
Berea All Comers (9/9)
Boyle County Inv.(REVISED)
Southern Harrier Special (REVISED)
South Oldham Inv.
Bernard Keene Inv.
Apollo Inv. Boys
Boyd County Inv.
Covington Catholic Inv.
Dragon Trail
Model All Comers (9/16)
McNeely Lake All Comers
Central Hardin Inv.
East West Jess. Challenge
Greenup Co. Inv.
Hancock Co. Quad (9/16)
Morehead Eagle Inv.
Muhlenberg South Sun Run
Owensboro Inv.
Pikeville All Comers (9/16)
Scott Classic
Williamstown Inv.
Trinity Valkyrie Inv.
Lincoln Co HS All Comers (9/20)
Area 8 (REVISED)
Berea (9/23)
Fern Creek/Ballard All Comers (9/23)
Henry County (9/23)
Woodford County (9/23)
Boone County Championships
Barren County Tri-Meet
Mercer Co. All Comers (9/25)
Franklin County High School Invitational
Gatorland Invitational
JCPS Systems Meet (9/23)
Boyd Co Championships @ Fairview HS(9/30)
Central Kentucky Conference @ Danvile KY(9/30)
Diocese of Covington (9/30)
KCD Master Meet Boys (9/30)
Barren Co Home Meet (10/02)
Scott Co Invitational Meet (10/02)
Webster Co Invitational Meet (10/04)
Ashland Co Invitational (10/04)
Capitol View MEET (10/04)
Model Patriot Run (10/07)
Norther Kentucky AC MEET at Scott Co HS (10/08)
Mercer Co Varsity Boys (10/2)
Mercer Co Varsity Girls (10/2)
Mercer Co Varsity Boys (10/09)
Logan Co Cougar Run (10/12)
Hillbilly Run (10/12)
Shelby Co Run Boys (10/12)
Shelby Co Run Girls (10/12)
Shelby Co Run Boys JV (10/12)
Shelby Co Run Girls JV (10/12)
Rocket Relays (10/12)
Williamstown Conference (10/12)
Gatorland Varsity Girls 5K (10/12)
Berea Co Meet (10/11)
Baren Co (10/11)
Lexington Catholic Invitational (09/11)
Marshall Co Boys Var 5K (10/11)
Marshall Co Girls Var 5K (10/11)
Corbin All Comers At Somerset (10/07)
Walton Verona Invitational (10/11)
Walton Verona Invitational Team Scores (10/11)
Eastern Kentucky MOC at Russell High School(10/07)
Henry Clay Invitational Varsity Boys and Girls(10/04)
Henry Clay Invitational JR Varsity Boys and Girls(10/04)
Mercer Co All Comers Meet (10/14)
Bluegrass Conference Meet (10/14)
Pulaski Co Invitational Varsity - JV(10/18)
Desales Invitational Meet Boys Varsity - JV(10/18)
Desales Invitational Meet Girls Varsity - JV(10/18)
Desales Invitational Meet Boys Jr Varsity - JV(10/18)
Desales Invitational Meet Girls Jr Varsity - JV(10/18)
St. Henry Invitational Meet All Results(10/18)
Pikeville Area 9 Meet(10/18)
North Hardin Var Girls(10/18)
North Hardin Var Boys(10/18)
North Hardin Jr Var Girls(10/18)
North Hardin Jr Var Boys(10/18)
South Eastern Kentucky Conference Champ (10/18)
Christian Co Invitational Var Girls(10/18)
Christian Co Invitational Var Boys(10/18)
Woodford Co Invitational (10/18-19)
North Central KY Conference at Trimble Co(10/19)
John Hardin Bulldog Run JV Boys(10/11)
John Hardin Bulldog Run JV Girls(10/11)
John Hardin Bulldog Run VAR Boys(10/11)
John Hardin Bulldog Run VAR Girls(10/11)
KYOVC Boys at Russell HS(10/21)
KYOVC Girls at Russell HS(10/21)
County Championships at Lakeview (10/21)
Academy Meet JV at Assumption HS(10/21)
Academy Meet Varsity at Assumption HS(10/21)
Mid Kentucky Conference(10/21)
IHS Meet(10/24)
Northern Kentucky Championships at Scott Co HS (10/21)
Meet of Champions at Cave Lake (10/25)
Meet of Champions by Grade (10/25)
Meet of Champions Composite (10/25)
Lincoln County All Comers #2 (10/14)
Graves Co Eagle Classic Boys Varsity(10/25)
Graves Co Eagle Classic Girls Varsity(10/25)
Metro Meet of Champions (10/26)
Harrison County Invitational Varsity(10/25)
Daviess County 6K Relay Meet Varsity(10/15)
Daviess County 6K Relay Meet JR Var(10/15)
Kentucky AAU Championships at Grant Co.(11/09)


Warren East Middle School Practice Meet
Rainbow Classic Middle School
Frankfort Archives Middle School (8/27)
Raider Run (MS/ELEM.)
Madisonville North Hopkins Inv. (MS)
Somerset All Comers MS/ELEM (9/9)
Frankfort Archives MS (9/10)
Berea All Comers MS (9/9)
Riverside All Comers (9/9)
Southern Harrier Special MS/ELEM
Williamstown Elem/MS
Frankfort Archives MS Boys (9/17)
Frankfort Archives MS Girls (9/17)
Centerfield Liberty Boys Inv.
Centerfield Liberty Girls Inv.
Central Hardin MS Inv.
Dragon Trail MS Inv.
Mason County MS/ELEM Inv.
Scott Classic FRESHMAN/MS Inv.
West Kentucky Elementary Championships
Trinity Valkyrie Inv.
Area 8 Elem/MS
Henry County MS
Mustang MS/Elem
Frankfort Archives MS (9/24)
Mercer Co. MS All Comers (9/25)
Gatorland MS/ELEM Invitational
Webster Co Invitational Meet (10/04)
Davies Co Girls Meet (10/04)
Davies Co Boys Meet (10/04)
Mercer Co Meet (10/02)
Ryle JV-MS Invitational Meet (10/09)
Rocket Relays Meet (10/12)
Shelby Co Middle School Boys (10/12)
Shelby Co Middle School Girls (10/12)
JCPS District 1 Conference MS (10/12)
Berea Invitational Elem & MS (10/11)
Baren Co (10/11)
Marshall Co Boys MS 4K (10/11)
Marshall Co Girls MS 4K (10/11)
Henry Clay Invitational MS Boys and Girls(10/04)
Pulaski Co Invitational Elementary - MS(10/18)
Christian Co Invitational MS Girls(10/18)
Christian Co Invitational MS Boys(10/18)
Northern Kentucky Regional MS Girls(10/19)
Northern Kentucky Regional MS Boys(10/19)
North Hardin MS Girls(10/18)
North Hardin MS Boys(10/18)
John Hardin Bulldog Run MS Boys(10/11)
John Hardin Bulldog Run MS Girls(10/11)
Graves Co Eagle Classic Boys Middle School(10/25)
Graves Co Eagle Classic Girls Middle School(10/25)
Harrison County Invitational Middle School(10/25)


Midwest Meet of Champions
Kenwood Classic
Hillsboro Classic
Brown County Eagle Classic (Indiana)

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